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3 Best Sunset Points within Bhavnagar City

The most memorable travel experience is watching the sun set while sitting in a new destination. Bhavnagar is blessed with a panoramic view of the sky. It transforms many locations into spectacular sunset viewing points. Most Bhavnagaris are fortunate to have a perfect sunset view from their balconies. However, there are several locations that provide immense peace and joy in watching the sun set apart to the horizon.

Here is the 3 Best Sunset Points within Bhavnagar city that can make your evening memorable.

1 # Bortalav – Gaurishankar Lake

Bortalav Gaurishankar Lake Bhavnagar
Bortalav Gaurishankar Lake Bhavnagar

Gaurishankar Lake, also known as Bortalak Lake, is a popular place for people to spend their evenings relaxing in nature, walking, and gathering with friends and family to gossip.

If you have never been to this location, plan a visit in the evening to enjoy a perfect sunset.

2 # Takhteshwar Mahadev Temple

Takhteshwar Mahadev Temple Bhavnagar
Takhteshwar Mahadev Temple Bhavnagar

Takhteshwar Mahadev temple, located in the city center, is the most famous icon of Bhavnagar. This location not only famous for Mahadev divine temple, but it also provides an incredible 360-degree panoramic view of Bhavnagar. Watching sunset setting on a milky white marbles of the Mahadev’s temple will be a memorable experience of the trip.

3 # Airport Lake

Airport Lake Sunset point Bhavnagar
Airport Lake Sunset point Bhavnagar

Airport Lake has recently become popular among young people for evening walks and sunset viewing. This is a coastal side end of Bhavnagar that creates a boundary view of the city and nature. Walking alongside the airport lake, watching the sun set behind Bhavnagar city while the other side is raw nature with clear sky and no buildings, will be the best part of the trip.

If you’ve visited any of these locations, please share your thoughts.

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Thank you for reading.

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