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My Best 5 Photos from the Tungnath Mahadev Chopta Uttarakhand Trek, and Landscape Photography Tips

Updated: Feb 20

Hello! Here are some of my favourite clicks from the Tungnath Mahadev Trek in Chopta, Uttarakhand. Also offering advice on landscape photography of mountains and trek routes.

1. Himalayan Mountain views from Tungnath Trek

Tungnath  Mahadev Trek Photos
Himalayan Mountain Views from Tungnath Mahadev Trek Route

These views of the beautiful valleys of the Himalayas seen during the trip to Tungnath can mesmerize anyone. But seeing this view and taking a photo for others to see, both are different things.

When you want to show distant hills to someone, you can zoom in and show only hills. But we also have to show that these views will be visible during the Tungnath Mahadev trek, and will look exactly the same as seen in the photo. That's why intentionally include any close object like a tree, which is covered in this photo. This gives a feeling of how the real viewpoint is, and how far the hills are. So in this way you can show any landscape photo as a more dynamic scene with better realization of depth/distance.

2. Tungnath Mahadev Trek Route

Tungnath Mahadev Trek Route
Tungnath Mahadev Trek Route

Another important aspect of capturing landscape images are leading lines. This technique is the favorite of most travel photographers because it is always appreciated by the viewer. In this technique, landscape photographers use the natural leading lines like a road or a river to guide the viewer’s eye through the image. In this photo from the Tungnath Mahadev Trek, the trek path is used as a leading line to enhance the beauty of the landscape of the snow mountains. Size of the people in row on the trek also provide better depth to the viewer in understanding the distance. This way by using the leading lines one can click the best landscape photos.

3. Beautiful Snow Mountain from Tungnath Mahadev Trek

Beautiful Snow Mountain from Tungnath Mahadev Trek
Beautiful Snow Mountain from Tungnath Mahadev Trek

Professional landscape photographers never miss the chance of showing the fulfillment of being at the top in their photo. If you get the view of mountain peaks that are below the horizon of your eyes, it will be a great viewpoint. Because it gives the strong feeling of fulfillment and achievement by clearly demonstrating the real height. In this landscape photo from Tungnath mahadev trek, snow mountain peaks are visible on the right side whereas on the left, the trek route is visible where a person is viewing the mountain range. This is the image of a beautiful landscape photo and also presents the feelings like fulfillment, happiness and achievement. So click the view when you get such an opportunity.

4 Shop at the top of the town | Tungnath Mahadev Trek

Tungnath Mahadev Trek Best Photo
Shop at the top of the town | Tungnath Mahadev Trek

In this image, two techniques are used to guide the viewer through the leading lines while also revealing the height. The shop building in this landscape photo gives the impression of height, as opposed to the snow mountain peaks visible below the horizon. Another critical aspect of landscape photography is the use of natural light and the use of appropriate filters. Polarized filters are required to reduce overexposure in photographs taken in direct sunlight.

5. Tungnath Mahadev Temple

Tungnath Mahadev Temple
Tungnath Mahadev Temple

Capturing images of Indian temples is always difficult. It is due to the fact that most places are crowded and surrounded by other things. This is a photo of the Tungnath Mahadev Temple taken after a long period of waiting to avoid any people in the image. There are better views to capture architecture and buildings in landscape photography, but you always take the chance of photographing what nature has to offer at the time. You might not always get a perfect view, but no view is ever incomplete.

So keep clicking on the view of your surroundings.

Tungnath Mahadev Vlog in Hindi

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