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Butterfly Beach South Goa - Must Know Before Planning to Visit

Updated: Feb 20

Butterfly Beach South Goa:

Goa is famous for beautiful beaches, parties and cruise dinner. There are numbers of beaches some are famous and some under exposed. Today I am going to share detail about one of the recently explored beach Butterfly Beach located in south Goa.

Butterfly Beach South Goa
Butterfly Beach South Goa

How we Planned for Butterfly Beach:

Our visit to Goa is for participation of my daughter in International Open Karate Championship 2023 held at Madgaon in south Goa. For taking benefits of the location we arrived few days before the tournament and explored North Goa beaches. After spending few beautiful memorable days in North Goa we hired taxi for the South Goa and stayed near Benaulim Beach. Click here to read more about Benaulim beach Goa.

I am glad to share that my daughter won Gold Medal in Fight and also secured silver in kata competition which fell out heart with immense joy and happiness. But fortunately or unfortunately our returned ticket was not booked in Tatkal and flight tickets were also so high which forced us to spend one more day in Goa as we booked RAC ticket for next day.

Way to Butterfly Beach on Bikes:

So again taking benefits of the time we planned a trip to the Butterfly Beach in morning, rented two bikes. We started around 1.30pm from Benaulim Beach and enjoyed beautiful curvy hilly roads surrounded by lush green forest. With one hold for lunch we reached closed to the designation just 2 and half kilometer remains. But now things changes, ride becomes adventure because there is no cement road anymore and the path is sloppy and full of red mud and stones. For adventure lovers it will be amazing experience to ride in such location but at the same time there is always a risk of fuzzy situation like bike puncture or failure especially when you have rented bike.

Way to Butterfly Beach on Bikes

After traveling one more kilometer inside the dense forest we reached to the car parking. Four-wheels can not go further but fortunately two wheeler can still go on. So we continue our adventure to reach the Butterfly Beach on bike but now we need to pay Rs.100 per bike as a fees to enter the area. After entering the full of-road area on bike we struggle little as there is no proper road and sign of river and stones gave the feel like we are doing something dangerous. You really need a good luck in such condition for everything to be ok. Finally we reach the last stop of bike parking but still beach is little far.

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Trek to the Butterfly Beach:

We started trekking to the way to the Butterfly Beach and after 10 minute trek through the dense forest area we encountered a beautiful beach welcoming us. Note that if you came by car then you need to trek more than 2 km to reach the beach. Whereas for those who came by bikes it becomes few meters treks and also saves time.

At the Butterfly Beach:

So finally we reached our destination at around 4.00 pm and enjoyed for 2 hours as we wish to reach roads before it becomes dark. The beach is good for swimming as well as for enjoying big waves. The different thing about the beach is that it has a step in starting which result direct 3+ ft water level from starting. Other thing about the beach is that very good sized waves in dip water makes it fun ride experience to enjoy fully. We spend almost an hour in the water enjoying the waves and swimming.

Other things that need to consider is there is lack of security and safety at the beach so one need to take extra care specially for children. Parents must not leave their child unattended as step dip can be problematic. The force of wave is also so high that it can drag the person inside water easily and there will be no lifeguard to save you. This beach is also too small and becomes full crowd even with few peoples in it. Its like big swimming pool surrounded by giant rocks. Beside now a days ships are also parked at the same beach which makes it very inconvenient to enjoy inside the water as it is already to small.

Butterfly Beach Goa
Butterfly Beach Goa

Butterfly Beach Vlog in Hindi

So we complete our water fun and photography and left this beautiful beach at 6.00 pm with full of fun memories.

Thank you for reading my experience, hope you enjoy reading it. You can subscribed to website to get notification about new articles about amazing places and stories. Don't forget to read the flowing recommendation and notes before planning to visit the Butterfly Beach.

Recommendation and Notes about Butterfly Beach:

  • Do not include this beach in your plan if you are exploring north Goa and have limited time.

  • Not recommended to visit south Goa for specially Butterfly Beach.

  • Even from south Goa's Benaulim Beach, it will take more than 1 and half hour to reach the beach.

  • You will enjoy off-road biking if visiting the beach by two wheeler.

  • Best way to visit the beach is to take rented bike from south Goa.

  • Not recommended to visit the beach on bike rented from North Goa as it will be too far and may be exhausted.

  • First time Goa visitors may enjoy more in the north Goa and can skip this beach as there is nothing so much special about it.

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