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Why did Pandava built Nishkalank Mahadev Temple at Koliyak Beach?

Nishkalank Mahadev Temple was constructed by Pandavas.

Nishkalank Mahadev Story
Nishkalank Mahadev Koliyak

This is an open temple without a wall or any other surrounding construction.

There are 5 swayambhu Shivlingms on a square platform inside a sea which is visible only during a low-tide.

There is a reason why Pandavas worshiped Lord Shiva at this place only.

Nishkalank Mahadev Story:

When Pandavas started to feel guilty for their actions after killing all the Kauravas, they approached Lord Krishna for advice.

Lord Krishna gave them a black flag and a black cow, instructed them to follow, and promised that they would all be forgiven when the flag and the cow turned white.

They followed the cow wherever it led them and waved the flag for many years in a variety of locations, but the colours remained the same.

Finally, when they arrived at Koliyak Beach, both of them turned white.

The Pandavas then quickly meditated on Lord Shiva and expressed their regret for their crimes.

In response to their prayers, Lord Shiva appeared to each brother as a Shivlingm.

This is how this place got the name Nishkalank Mahadev, which means to be pure, clean, and innocent.

See the video to know how devotee reaches the Nishkalank Mahadev Temple and look at 5 Shivlingms at Koliyak beach.

Since then, this divine temple offers its followers the forgiveness of all sins.

How to Reach Nishkalank Mahadev Temple:

This temple is located kilometer inside sea at Koliyak beach, which is 25km from the Bhavnagar city, Gujarat.

The devotees visit the temple by walking barefooted from the shore during the low tide.

The tides are most active on full and new moon days, when believers eagerly await their disappearance.

Please take note of the high and low tide times of the sea before visiting the temple because your entire experience depends on them.

One can comfortably travel to the Koliya beach from Bhavnagar with a personal vehicle either two wheeler or four wheeler. Or one can hire an auto from Bhavnagar.

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