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What is Jam's Travel Blog? An Introduction.

Hey! Hello and welcome to my travel blog.

Jam's Travel Blog

I am Jignesh from Planet Earth of the Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy. Ohh! I know this truth seems like a joke, so let me introduce myself once more. My full name is Jignesh A. Makwana, I am from Bhavnagar Gujarat, and my initials is JAM, which is why I named this blog Jam's Travel Blog. Most likely, you are familiar with me as an online instructor of power electronics, electric vehicles, and artificial intelligence courses. But here I introduce myself as just Jignesh, who, like you, enjoys travelling for no particular reason. Well! I mean, I still haven't thought about why I enjoy travelling because I believe it comes naturally to me. But wait, I believe that if someone dislikes travelling, they should investigate “why?”. Isn't that right?

So, if you want to know more about me and why I'm here, keep reading.

Well, I'm not going to write philosophy about life here, neither do I have any career-related goals for this blog, but I started it to share my travel experiences in my own unique way.

Everyone comes to Earth to live, but everyone has a different perspective on life and thus travel.

So I decided to start writing about my both good and bad travel experiences.

It allowed me to relive the moment while remembering previous travel experiences. This is why I enjoy writing and documenting travel stories, places, and other incredible experiences.

As you begin to travel, you will notice that the Earth is more beautiful than you previously thought. I always felt like a different person when I was travelling, and that is the shortest answer to why I enjoy travelling.

Let me first define the difference between travel and transportation. The travel I'm referring to is not a daily commute to the office, nor is it a trip from one location to another for social reasons.

The type of travel I'm referring to is exploring places and cultures which are new to me.

You know nothing if you haven't experienced the place by witnessing it, no matter how many photos and videos you've seen.

We all believe that the first experience is always the best and most memorable, so why not have as many first experiences as possible by visiting as many new places as possible? When we travel to a new location, something joyful magically happens to us. Watching something for the first time in one's life provides the same level of excitement as a one-year-old child discovering the world for the first time. In short, visiting new places allows us to relive our childhood for a short time.

This was all about why I travel, what travel means to me, and why I decided to start this travel blog.

As you are still with me?, then I would like to hear from you about what travel means to you. You can share something in the comment box.

If you want to be notified when I publish a new post, you can join my mailing list.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Have a wonderful life.

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