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Improve the mobile photography using an HDR function | Photography Tips

The high Dynamic Range (HDR) function can add huge improvement to the picture quality.

Mobile Photography

If your camera has an HDR function and you want to know exactly how it works, keep reading.

Let’s first understand the basics of HDR technology.

It is an image processing technology that can be used for processing an image from a camera sensor or any other input.

HDR is also becoming famous as marketed by TV companies as a new feature.

It allows comparatively larger variation in light and at the same time, it also allows a wide range of colors. It has also shown great improvement in focus level and eye-catching colors.

Isn’t it true that viewers easily find the difference between SDR and HDR contents and all love the HDR quality without a doubt?

But it is not about adding more colors only, it is more than that when it is associated with the camera.