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Vagator Beach


Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is a popular and picturesque destination situated in North Goa, India. Known for its scenic beauty, rocky cliffs, and vibrant nightlife, Vagator is a favorite among both locals and tourists. Divided into two main beaches – Big Vagator and Little Vagator – this coastal stretch offers a unique blend of laid-back charm and energetic beach parties. Whether you seek relaxation under the Goan sun or lively beach vibes, Vagator caters to diverse preferences.

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Vagator Beach is situated approximately 9 kilometers north of Baga Beach, and reaching it is convenient:

  • By Taxi: The most comfortable way is to hire a taxi from Baga Beach to Vagator. Taxis are readily available in Goa, and the journey takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic.

  • By Scooter/Bike: Renting a scooter or bike is a popular and flexible option in Goa. The ride from Baga to Vagator takes around 15-20 minutes.

  • By Local Bus: Goa has a network of local buses. You can take a bus from Baga to Mapusa and then transfer to another bus heading to Vagator. However, this option may take more time.

Distance from Famous Beaches within Goa:Vagator Beach is well-connected to other popular beaches in Goa:

  • Distance from Calangute Beach: Approximately 9 kilometers south of Vagator.

  • Distance from Anjuna Beach: Approximately 4 kilometers south of Vagator.

  • Distance from Candolim Beach: Approximately 12 kilometers south of Vagator.

  • Distance from Palolem Beach: Approximately 70 kilometers south of Vagator.

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