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Need Help?

Bulk order:

Send us an email at or fill out the contact form for bulk purchases and quotations.

Regular order:

If you need to purchase the same product many times for resale or another reason, please contact us at

Request product:

You can also request your favorite products, and we will source them for you and bring them to your home with the greatest service and pricing.

All India support:

Now we are selling our products to all over India.

Promote product:

If you are a manufacturer or a dealer and want your products to be promoted online by RhyMak Store, please contact us. If we like the product, we will buy your product in bulk and market it throughout India. Reseller please don't send any query as we are not allowing anyone else to list the products online.

We are the Seller:

Please not that, we are not just service provider like other ecommerce platform, but we are the seller. So experience a peaceful online shopping by purchasing direct from the seller.

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