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Camera Sensor Size of Gopro, DJI, Smartphones, iPhone and DSLRs |

Updated: Jan 27

Importance of Camera Sensor Size:

The size of the camera sensor decides the image quality of any digital camera. However most camera manufacturers use only MegaPixel as a main performance parameter of the Camera.

But the professional photographers and camera lovers know the importance of the camera sensor size for the low light performance and details in picture.

Camera Sensor

Information about Camera Sensor Size:

Here is the information about smartphone camera sensor size, DSLR’s sensor size, iPhone sensor size, Gopro sensor size and DJI osmo sensor size, DJI pocket sensor size, Insta 360 sensor size.

You can compare the size of the sensor before selecting your camera. It will also help you to understand how much you are paying more for what parameters. Is the price reasonable for the sensor size or not?

Note that the size represents the diagonal length of the sensor.

Let’s start with the DSLR cameras. The full frame DSLR cameras have the largest sensor size while all starting range DSLRs use APS - C type sensor size.

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Camera Sensor Size of a DSLR Cameras:

Full frame camera sensor size: 1.7 inch

APS-C sensor size: 1 to 1.1 inch

The full frame DSLR cameras have the largest sensor size while all starting range DSLRs use APS - C type sensor size.

Camera Sensor Size of a Point & Shoot Camera:

Canon PowerShot SX540HS sensor size: 0.435 inch [1/2.3" ]

Canon PowerShot SX430 sensor size: 0.435 inch [1/2.3" ]

Sony DSC W830 Cyber-Shot Sensor Size: 0.435 inch [1/2.3" ]

It seems that the point & Shoot cameras have very tiny image sensors compared to DSLRs. This is why such cameras are cheaper. On the positive side, most point and shoot cameras come with larger optical zoom lenses. These small sensors make zoom lenses more compact and lightweight. Thus the camera with higher optical zoom will probably have a tiny camera sensor size.

Camera Sensor Size of an Action Cameras:

Insta 360 One R [1 inch Edition] sensor size : 1 inch

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 sensor size 1 inch

DJI Pocket 2 sensor size: 0.59 inch [1/1.7”]

DJI Pocket 1 sensor size: 0.435 inch [1/2.3”]

DJI Osmo sensor size: 0.435 inch [1/2.3”]

GoPro Hero 12 sensor size: 0.526 inch [1/1.9”]

GoPro Hero 11 sensor size: 0.526 inch [1/1.9”]

GoPro Hero 10 sensor size: 0.435 inch [1/2.3”]

GoPro Hero 9 sensor size: 0.435 inch [1/2.3”]

GoPro Hero 8 sensor size: 0.435 inch [1/2.3”]

GoPro Hero 7 sensor size: 0.435 inch [1/2.3”]

Action Cameras are best for travel and sport videography.

While most action cameras use a 0.435 inch image sensor, the Insta 360 One R [1 inch Edition] uses the largest image sensor among all others. That’s why it provides great image quality and clarity with least distortion in low light compared to other action cameras in the range. DJI’s Pocket 2 also used a slightly higher image sensor which definitely results in better image quality.

Camera Sensor Size of an Smartphones:

I have selected several smartphones randomly to give you an idea about the smartphone sensor size. Here the size of only the main camera is considered.

iPhone 15 Pro Max 0.78 inch[1/1.28]

iPhone 14 Pro Max 0.78 inch[1/1.28]

Mi Note 10 Pro sensor size: 0.75 inch [1/1.33"]

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G sensor size: 0.75 inch [1/1.33"]

Vivo 29 Pro sensor size 0.64 inch [1/1.56][Sony IMX766]

iPhone 15 0.64 inch[1/1.56]

13 Pro and Pro Max 0.61 inch [1/1.65]

Samsung M31 sensor size: 0.59 inch [1/1.7”]

Samsung M51 Sensor size: 0.57 inch [1/1.76"]

Samsung M21 sensor size: 0.5 inch [1/2"]

Apple iPhone 12 Max Pro primary camera 1.7um (Pixel size*)

Apple iPhone 12 Max Pro ultrawide sensor size: 0.294 inch [1/3.4"]

Apple iPhone 11 sensor size: 0.40 inch [1/2.55”]

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 0.40 inch [1/2.52]

Samsung A6+ sensor size: 0.36 inch [1/2.8″]

Mi Note 4 sensor size: 0.33 inch [1/3.06"]

Samsung J7 sensor size: 0.23 inch [1/4.3”]

*Higher the pixel size means better results. The smaller the pixels, the more light is required to capture an image.1.7um is the smallest pixel size.

It seems that the sensor size of today's smartphone varies from 0.2 inch to 0.75 inch. It should be also noted that the iPhone 12 Max Pro camera does not have the largest sensor but yet it provides better image quality compared to others. It is because the sensor size combined with the quality lenses, power of processing and a great algorithm produces quality images from any camera.

Thus finalizing a camera needs more deeper analysis on real footage from the camera. However this article helps to understand the real physical size comparison of various cameras and smartphones.

Hope you enjoyed reading this informative article about camera sensor size.

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